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Reply Jeremy
10:18 PM on August 30, 2012 
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Reply Ninjaboltz
12:48 PM on May 27, 2010 
Unfourtnly i have a bone to pick with you i used to have a website on webs called ninjabot and never deleted it my name has now evloved and im not trying to say you did but i have the strangest feeling you hacked me im from alberta and i serched ninjabot on a serch and it came up that you live in a town away from me but! when i serch my name it comes up with the same twon (due to loaction and servers) i am not trying to point fingers but i want you to prove to me that you didnt hack me also same with email i made an email [email protected] and cant seem to log in (i tried to reset pass if uv been spammed srry) all im asking is if you have haced me and if so i would like to know if you have been getting random emails from a do not reply there for me if not and if you havent hacked me im sorry for this and will not bother you again srry for the troubble but if you could id like you to prove it again thank you