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Premium features

  1. How do I get access?

    Join the site. It's free!

  2. What's in there?

    Everything. Video games, pianos, calculators, buddy icons, music streaming, ect.

  3. But what if I leave the site?

    You lose access to premium features.

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Reward store

  1. How do you earn reward points?

    Refer to the rewards page.

  2. How do you obtain access?


  3. Where is the store?

  4. Does it use real money?


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  1. May you put (Insert name) for download?

    Yes, for 30 reward points, or a one-month subscription for 130 reward points.


    Also note that that if the file is an .exe, it will be in WinRar,

  2. Do the downloads contain viruses?

    No, I promise you they are ALL 100% virus-free. Why would I put in a virus? What would I seriously gain for ruining your computer?

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